Simple/obvious drastic improvement.

This is how I know you-are-all-slackers and not advancing the power
of linux:
Given the decaying memory of all biological entities, including humans,
the 'stack' and the ordering that it gives is central to any process:
from making a cheese & onion sandwich to computing.
The ordering/recentcy provided by the stack demands a RTC.
The need to reset the RTC of the rPi on every reboot would be acceptable,
if this was obviously easy.
Consider: M$:DOS `date`:-
1. shows what its current value is;
2. shows a *VALID SYNTAX* to be easily copied to update, if required.
In contrast *nix: `man date` is 196 lines long !!!
Must each of us zillion slaves break off his important tasks to
research the required syntax for this essential RTC setting.
I did that wastefull brain-numbing exercise 5 years ago - and forgot it.
An example of why date stamping files is essential is:
when trying to recover yesterdays in a directory which
has plenty old *
.pdf & *BIG.wav ..etc. files. You can't just see the
new files ; and searching is painfull,
uneconomical and STOOPID.
How many million rPi & similar need to find victims before they
write a 1-liner: Date, which EASILY allows any fool to set the RTC?
And put the damned label on the front of the bottle - not inside.
Forget about multi-cores and over-clocking.
It's the boring, trivial details that makes the big difference.
rPi is rather successful because of the 'eco-system' it's got;
which could never be 'built' in most of the rest of the world.
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If you have it networked, ntp is the obvious and most simple solution.
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ray carter
You've done that troll already, move along.
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So go buy one
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Here is the full instructions for anyone wishing to run a Bitcoin Node or a Litecoin Node using a Raspberry Pi 2 1gb the latest Pi version. Just got one it was 42 bucks with shipping from the raspberry pi foundation.
These nodes do not pay you any virtual coin, they just support the networks and decentralize the respect networks.
As a 'former home Bitcoin and soon to be former Litecoin miner' just a way to give back to the network and hey....the LCD's are kinda cute?
stuff to do...always more stuff to do :)
the link is below:
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for those into this kinda thing :)
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Please ignore him. We know about his problem, and he just does not want to solve it.
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But a non-slacker with the slightest computer savvy doesn't need more than the 2nd line of the 2 line synopsis of the man page or --help output to accomplish the task.
date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss]]
e.g.: date 070609402015
Keep your complaints on target. Your real problem is that the world IS advancing and leaving your bronze age skills and resources behind.
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