Open Source Graphics Drivers?

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I don't believe all of the drivers for the rPi use closed source code.  
I believe it is just the graphics unit.  The documentation is closed for  
competitive reasons.  Not that you would ever notice when running the rPi.

But, I believe this is out of date.  In 2014 the sources for the  
Broadcom VideoCore GPU were released.  It's not totally clear to me how  
much this opens the core, but it appears that significant progress has  
been made to developing open source drivers now.

Anyone know how much of the binary "blob" is still in use and how much  
the graphics unit is driven by FOSS?

Any other non-FOSS required to run the rPi?


Rick C

Re: Open Source Graphics Drivers?
rickman wrote:

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I was under the impression that (in simple terms) it is an open source  
"shim" running on the ARM that talks to a closed source binary running  
on the GPU, which does the heavy lifting?

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