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Hi all; I'm using an headless Rpi via SSH to use some console apps (mail,
browsing, torrent) with Raspbian. I would like to know how much can
reasonably last an SD card (and a Flash also) when used 24x7 to support
such configuration, running the whole system. I've read a lot in Internet,
but I still haven't a clear idea; maybe some of you is using Rpi with the
same SD from a long time and can tell about.
Thank you and bye from Italy,
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I recently had a an 8 GB micro SD card (used with an adapter) go into "read only mode" after about 6 weeks.
This was being used in Pi functioning as a webcam producing time lapse movies. IIRC it would take a still image (960 x 540) approx 250 kB every 30 seconds. This image would have a caption strap added (date/time etc) and be copied to be included in the next timelapse movie generated every 3 hours. These still images (2,880/day) and time lapse movies were kept in the free 4 GB of space on the card on a rolling basis.
To be honest I don't know if it was the sheer number or writes that killed the card or a few power glitches that did give it soem grief. A very rough calculation gave something in the order of 1.5 million writes. The Pi is still being used as a webcam/timelapse but the images/movies are now stored on a cheap USB stick not the main SD card along with the OS etc...
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