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I'm trying to interface SD card (Transcend 1GB and 2GB) through SPI to Infineon controller.

It is not initializing, infact i'm not getting response from SD card for CMD0 (0x40).

when i'm going through some web site, it is given that not all SD cards support SPI communication.

I wanted to know whether these SD cards what i'm using will support SPI? and also the initialization sequence will differ from card to card? if so how can resolve this issue.

awaiting for u'r reply.

thank you, madhu

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I never met a (fullsize) SD card that didn't support SPI mode. Get the datasheet for your actual card and read it. 99.99999% likely your code is buggy.

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Are you using an SPI peripheral controller, or bit-banging it?

Even if using the SPI peripheral, there are several configuration options that need careful selection. For starters, drop the speed down to some low level to make sure that the basics work. Check the clock polarity and phase also.


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As was mentioned in another post, you can't talk to the card any faster than about 100 - 400K before it is fully initialized.

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