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ARM wrote:
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> Hi folks, great group, wondering recomendations for projects for a
> Assembler course.
> Students from System engeneering.
> Backgorunds microcontroller Arduino, chsarp, labview, java and python.
> And will like to implement in RaspberryPI (GNU AS,LD and Bash) have the
> basic 12 programs
formatting link
> really just basics, not list of projects ...
> I view a good project in RaspberryPi bare-metal in a video:
> Assembly Chess on Raspberry Pi (without any OS)
formatting link

> But I can't pretend to do all projects dedicated one RPI ignoring the OS, so ..
> Finally I thinking of using Assembler inside an Android program. (for
> optimization or do some interfacing)
> Thanks for you valuable time. All coments welcome. Thanks
Allow me to cross post this to a nearby friendly pi group.
Thank you,
Don Kuenz KB7RPU 

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