Connect two USB slave

Hi all,

AFAIK, connecting two USB slave requires 3 chips: Controller chip + USB host chip + USB hub chip.

But the 3 chips consume a lot of areas. Can you recommand any chip includes these 3 chips or 2 of the chips?

Best regards, Davy

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If you really feel that it is necessary to post identical messages to multiple groups, it would be very helpful if you would "cross-post" instead of "multi-post."

When you cross-post, a single message-ID is assigned. Good usenet client software can use this ID to display the posting to readers only in the first group where it is encountered and simultaneously to include replies from all groups. Very handy and it keeps the answers to your questions from being spread all over.

Of course, "good usenet client software" probably excludes the evil Google usenet interface.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

No, booble will let you crosspost (or it used to), but it still sucks.

THanks, Rich

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