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Anyone know the latest regarding processing of the raw camera data?
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On 15 Dec 2014 15:40:15 GMT, ray carter declaimed the following:
Pardon, but what "raw camera data"? A USB WebCam? Files from a Nikon SLR... From a Canon SLR? I don't recall the Pi having a built-in camera.
Note that "raw" format on digital cameras is specific to the camera maker, and may even vary between models (Canon had CRW and CR2)... The Adobe Camera Raw plugin for Photoshop tends to get upgraded every few months once Adobe either reverse engineers the format for new cameras or licenses the format from the maker.
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Dennis Lee Bieber
Presumably one of the (optional) Pi Cameras that connect to the CSI camera connector (or "connector*s*" if you are lucky enough to have a CM and CMIO board). Either the standard one or the NoIR one.
The question is, what type of processing? The raw data can be saved easily.
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You are getting old...
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There are (at least) two small add-on 5mp cameras for Pi - one 'standard' and one without IR filter. They are capable of saving the raw Bayer data along with a jpeg.
I have found some sample raw images and I find that dcraw and ufraw (latest versions) now support that image format.
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