Pi as a DVB-T2 STB?

Looking for a DVB-T2 STB on line and the choice doesn't seem very
I was wondering if you could build one from a Pi.
All it should need, presumably, is some kind of (USB?) TV tuner and Kodi.
As a bonus it should be able to record and pause.
Anyone done this?
Dave R
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The HDHomeRun is an expensive but very flexible TV tuner that puts the output on the network where it belongs . It is supported by Kodi, MythTv, its own player and others.
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Gordon Levi
Yes. PI B+ (that was the newest available when I set it up). xbmc & tvheadend usb 4Tb hard drive for my entire DVD & CD collections + DBT recordings. usb DBT dongle
I prefer xbmc or rather I don't like the way it became broken as it evolved into kodi. YMMV.
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It gives me live TV and radio as well as EPG and PVR functions including pause and resume live TV.
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nev young

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