Mad to fix STB?

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I have a mate who has a Wide screen SD TFT TV, but wont be convinced of any
benefit by getting a digital STB, yep he's still using the old reception and
it looks shabby.
It cant even seem to get wide screen format (not sure if that's the only
reason why though)
Anyway, my old Teac DV-B420 slowly shit itself, frozen screen, wouldn't
respond to remote or front panel commands unless I plugged it out (including
aerial) then it did work until it became so slack wit these re-boots that I
bought a new one.
But After looking in the old unit, it was clear that the eight pin chip had
been getting bloody hot so I wonder if I can fix this thing and give it to
Timmy the slackarse mate, for nothing.
See Pic here.
there's no add crap here,  I just dont have any other way to put a pic up


Re: Mad to fix STB?
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Nice picture. My STB looks similar though I have a hole where most of
the chip used to be! Did you replace this chip? Are they easy enough to
get hold of?

I liked this STB as it had a SCART connector so I would like to get it
going again if possible.


Re: Mad to fix STB?

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Hi, Michael, I thought this thread was pretty much finished and was about to
get that pic off my site.
I didnt replace the chip, what Phil said made sense in  that chip does get
hot and will show signs of that fact with a phenolic board.
So I took the advice of the other kind people and simply replaced a few caps
as recommended.
As you have read, all is now well.
Farnell claimed they stock the 1200P60 from 'ON Semiconductor' but theyhad
none in stock.
I'm sure RS or WES, would be another possible source.
However, from what i've learnt (being a DYI like you) replace as many electo
caps as you can if you do get hold of the chip.
It's very likely that something caused the chip to blow it's arse off.
It is also likely that your situation is worse that mine was.
I can understand why might miss the SCART too, I found that my new one
doesnt even have optical out either, so there you go.
Still worth fixing if you can do it cheap enough, but know where to draw the
line, otherwise Dave will have a chuckle, and we cant have that.

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