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A was wondering why the last two Raspbian updates did now't: now I  
understand why, because a piece in El Reg today says that Debian Buster  
gets replaced by Bullseye in mid-August with, presumably Raspbian  
following on shortly. There don't seem the be a lot of gotchas:

- exim becomes 4.94, which won't run without configuration changes
- the lilo bootloader vanishes
- Mailman 2.1 -> Mailman 3
- pyython 2.7 remains but it only there to support a few packages that
  haven't yet moved to Python 3  

Martin    | martin at
Gregorie  | gregorie dot org

Re: Mystery solved
On 7/26/21 10:15 AM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
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I saw somebody said Java goes to 17 but not sure how that is going to  
happen because I don't think it gets released until September.


Re: Mystery solved
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Bullseye has OpenJDK 8, 11 and 17.  Debian maintain their own patches on top
of OpenJDK (and every other package they ship).  So I presume they will ship
the 17 release candidate and continue releasing release candidate updates
until the stable release comes out.  It appears the current builds are based
on the Early Access track:


Re: Mystery solved
On 7/26/21 9:15 AM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
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I believe that bullseye is available in the raspberrypi OS repositories.  
Don't know how stable - I'd still wait for the official announcement,.

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