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Hello all,

Yesterday I had to reinstall my "YouTube machine" (due to, I assume, a  
failing Micro SD - could not get WinXP to reformat it anymore), and tried to  
restore an older "history" sql3 database (saved for that purpose) back to  
where it came from, hoping YouTube would take my viewing preferences from  
it. Alas, that didn't happen, meaning I have to rebuild my "preferred  
viewing" suggestions. :-|

Question: Is there actually anything that I can /locally/ save in regard to  
those viewing preferences ?

I'm asking 'cause, besides reinstalls, I sometimes want to view some stuff  
that I do /not/ want to be suggested in the next weeks, if not months, and  
would like to be able to restore yesterdays backup.

Remark: I'm aware of such options being available (are they?) when you "sign  
in", but have zero wish to do so.

Rudy Wieser

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