a .desktop shortcut containing multiple actions. How to select one ?

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Hello all,

I just took a look into the "chromium-browser.desktop" file found in the  
"/user/share/applications" folder, and noticed that it contained multiple  
"Exec=...." lines, in as many chapters.

According to information I found here  
http://lxlinux.com/pcmanfm-actions.html rightclicking .... I assume the  
shortcut should give a context menu as shown in the image top-right of the  

The problem is that I can't get that context menu to appear. :-(

Left- or rightclick clicking the above .desktop file doesn't cause such a  
menu to appear.   Trying them in combination with SHIFT, CTRL or ALT doesn't  
work either.
( I do get the standard context menu ofcourse, but none of the choices  
described in the main chapters "Actions= ..." entry are visible anywhere)

Is there some secret handshake involved somewhere ?   If not, what is going  
on/wrong ?

Rudy Wieser

Yes, its in combination with my previous question.  If the above works I do  
not need to check for a modifier key when a Python script is started.   I  
can than simply add a commandline switch. :-)

Re: a .desktop shortcut containing multiple actions. How to select one ?
On 16/02/2020 12:21, R.Wieser wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think you may find what ye seek herein:


It looks like there is a mechanism you can hack for what you want, but I  
havent time to do the hard graft

look under [Desktop Action xxx]

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Re: a .desktop shortcut containing multiple actions. How to select one ?
declaimed the following:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Probably because one is not supposed to click the .desktop file itself.
Those files are used to configure the menus for the named application data

    Try http://lxlinux.com/index.html#2 (scroll down to "More Open With

    A problem will be that, if you specify text/x-python in the MimeType
list, then that action will be available for ALL Python scripts. To limit
it to just one script will require not using ".py" for that script,
creating a new MimeType in whatever file/directory handles those, and
adding that MimeType to whatever .desktop files you need to handle it (the
desktop for you preferred editor, etc.).

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Re: a .desktop shortcut containing multiple actions. How to select one ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I found multiple references in that direction (file and folder context  
menu), but those files where supposed to be stored elsewhere (likely also  
why a test with right-clicking a whipped-up html document failed).

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Which was definitily not what I was-or-am after.

I had imagined/hoped that I would be able to get a menu of actions when  
rightclicking a .desktop shortcut (especially on the desktop).    Alas,  
another great idea unceremoniously put into the ground.

Rudy Wieser

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