what type of fitting or connection is this?

Please see image with description. Not sure what it is called, but I need some. Thanks.

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Jim Horton
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There are any number of retaining rings, circlips and other items that do a s you suggest, and used as a means to secure a fitting on a shaft, but allo w for a certain amount of play - e.g. the circlips that hold the fan on a d ryer motor, that also rotates the drum from the other end.

Or, it could be a torsion-spring that is inserted in a device to hold somet hing closed (or open). Its ID will increase somewhat when compressed (or cl osed, depending), and it is often inserted on a shaft with either a bump or an inlay to hold it in place.

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They come in all kinds of sizes and materials as well.

Peter Wieck Melrose Park, PA

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