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Hi everyone -

My television has this weird issue where the picture periodically contorts. I don't really know how to describe the nature of the contortion, so I made a rudimentary Photoshop image for you to look at.

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This contortion happens very sporadically, with no apparent predictor that triggers the contortion. At times, when the picture is *not* contorted, the areas most affected by the contortion (the left and right edges of the screen) are jittery, as if they are on the verge of becoming contorted.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I should mention that the contortion as it is portrayed in the image is exaggerated (mainly because my Photoshop skills are lacking) and it doesn't happen very often but I would like to get it resolved.

Thanks -

Brian McCabe

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Brian McCabe
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Make/Model information would help. Is this a Projection set or direct-view?

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Bob Loblaw

Cracked solder joint in the pincussion circuit, can't give you anything more specific without at least the brand and model of the set though.

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James Sweet


This is what we refer to a Pincushion ( Hourglass) distortion.

If it's intermittent , there is more than likely a loose connection in the corresponding circuit.

Jeff Stielau
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Shoreline Electronics

I would assume it's a direct-view. There's a regular picture tube etc. As for brand / model, I meant to check when I was at home last night but forgot. I will post that info as soon as I get it. Thanks for your help!

Brian Mc

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Brian McCabe

Probably a cold solder joint.

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