Picture processing in LCD/Plasma TV

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Hi All,

I record stuff on VHS tape at half-speed to take to a friend of mine's

I think it is fair to say most people would think half-speed VHS
pictures aren't very good quality.

Anyway, the friend bought a 50" LCD TV, after a power surge took out
her CRT TV. I thought the half-speed VHS would be really awful on such
a large screen, but it is actually a surprisingly good quality

Anyway, checking at home  on a standard CRT TV the picture is the
usual half-speed VHS crap quality. But on an LCD TV the picture is
really very good. As in chalk and cheese.

It seems the picture processing built into modern flat screen TV's is
pretty good, and can even "repair" half-speed VHS pictures to look
pretty darn good.

Until I did this test I was unaware modern TV's incorporate picture


Re: Picture processing in LCD/Plasma TV
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Or perhaps the truth is that a CRT TV makes any picture even worse.


Re: Picture processing in LCD/Plasma TV
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I don't actually find there is a striking difference between CRT and
LCD or Plasma with pictures coming direct from an SD or HD tuner.

Most CRT screens these days are 100 Hz 625 double line repeat, so are
essentially 1250 line screens.

I watch all three types of sceens regularly here because of my
particular setup and my viewing habits.

They all look fine to me on direct material, except half-speed VHS is
way better on a LCD or plasma screen because of the inbuilt picure
processing of these screens.


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