Toshiba 32" TV

I am working on a Toshiba CZ32V61 TV. When the unit is running the power light blinks on and off untill you shut it off. the HV, horizontal, and voltages are all there,all resistors are good, but there is no pic and no sound? There is no OSD either, all three guns are lit. Is there anyone that can give me some help with were to look next!! It is so wierd it is like only half the TV is working.

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Karen Ray-Stewart
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Are all the main power supply and scan derived voltages present and clean? Are all the voltages off the regulators present and correct? Are all the clock and data lines good with good clean data at correct voltage?

Is the system control and jungle ic seeing everything they need? i.e. h-sync, v-sync, 60hz ac, reset, etc.

Start with measuring to check those questions and you will probably find the problem.

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