Tablet Charging Port Repair

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Hello, everyone.  I've got one of those widely-popular Lenovo Tab 2  
A10-70F models that seem notorious for the mini-USB charging port  
acquiring broken solder connection(s) to the motherboard.  Probably due  
to stressing/bumping the AC adapter plug while attached to the tablet.

After viewing several U-toob vids on how to make the repair, this still  
appears to require much, very careful effort just to get the motherboard  
out.  I'm not used to working on such small packages.  Any comment or  
guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Sincerely,

J. B. Wood                e-mail: arl

Re: Tablet Charging Port Repair
On Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 3:53:16 AM UTC-7, J.B. Wood wrote:
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Yeah, surface mount is tricky, and finding an exact part to do a connector replace
is trickier.

First, check the warranty; if it's covered, you might lose data (backup or full cloud-service
registration can make that less painful) but it gets a professional workover.
Second, find out if the manufacturer's out-of-warranty service is reasonable.
Usually, that'll be a flat-fee mailin, but sometimes the common problems get
a free repair; you'll have to ask about that.

Some breaks (rips in the copper traces) are almost impossible to repair,
because the mechanical bond to the logic board is bad (a glob of adhesive
MIGHT hold it...).   I've been known to solder tinned steel wire for
reattaching a loose connector...

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