siemens washing machine programs problem

I have a SIEMENS SIWAMAT WXL 1460FF washing machine, bought in 2004, that function correctly only on 2 programs, wool cold water and 30°C silk. All others programs have the same problem: the machine DO NOT HEAT THE WATER, and remains indefinitely on washing, do not rinse. It is not a heating resistor failure (heat water on program 30°C silk) and not a pump problem (empty correctly the cuve with the 2 correct programs). It seem me there is no hardware failure, it is probably a logical error in the command module (electronic programmer) Does somebody know how to make a factory reset of the programmer? on some machines there is a hidden service menu accessed by pressing some switches together when powering on. Thank you for your help, not to throw away in garbage a machine that only neet a logical reset Jacques

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Jacques ROZEN
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