Sanyo Beta VCR problems

I have an *old* top-loader, beta format VCR I am trying to resuscitate. Everything works, but when I play storebought movies, I get audio wow and flutter, and snow across the screen about once each second. When I play back tapes I recorded long ago at the machine's slowest speed, the flutter and snow occur less frequently.

I've replaced the idler and belt, and the pinch roller. I've lubricated everything, and cleaned the tape path and heads. I did receive a suggestion that the problem could be the capstan motor. I hope not, as I don't know where I'd find such a part for a 23-year old VCR.

Any suggestions as to diagnosis, or leads on parts would be appreciated. The model number is VCR-3900II.

Many thanks.

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I'm assuming this is old enough were the capstand and the capstand motor are not the same. Make sure to oil both. With the age you may have weak filter capacitors in the power supply causing ripple and poor regulation on the DC supply for the capstand. Another possibility may be the upper and lower cylinder on the head assembly. These do not turn and sometimes the tape hangs or sticks to them causing problems.You may want to do a google search on burnishing beta heads. You have to be real carefull as not to do the actual head disk. Doug

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Make sure the audio/control head is well cleaned.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

I did the search that you recommended and came up empty handed. Can you recommend anywhere in particular to look?


----------------------------------------------- Jim Adney Madison, WI 53711 USA


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Jim Adney

Try Googling "MisterBetamax"...he has a website that could be of assistance and he answers emails. He has information on other brands of Beta decks and he helped me ID the one I had. He also had links to eBay Beta related auctions the last time I looked.

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