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I'm an older (over 40 ) Electronics technician, & have found it hard to make a reasonable living at times, over the last 22+ years, but I literally have spent thousands, & thousands of hours "picking at" anything electronic, electric, & mechanical, that's worth learning, & repairable, over that time, & now, I can actually work on my own if I want. At times, I have had to.

Here's what I do: Repair three phase frequency drives, T.V., VCR, DVD, rear projection T.V., stereo, sun beds, computer, monitors, even rebuild battery packs for cell phones, camcorders, ac to dc power supplies, & laptops. Install ballasts for flourescent light systems, buy from E-Bay, sell built laptops, computers (desktops). Durabrand, Electrohome, Sansui, Prima, Advent, etc, etc. May not always get parts, or be worth repair, but the customer will ALWAYS come back. Also, sometimes "build" a test gadget for fellow Tech pals.

There's always something that nobody else with look at, especially if it's "picked at", by a non technician. You have to put way too much time into it to get back reasonable pay, but if you love it asa much as I do, you WILL make it work. I wouldn't give it up for anything, or anyone. I love it much more than the money. Rono.

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But if you're clever about picking the RIGHT stuff to repair, Rono, you can both love it and make a significant living from it. One thing that you're never gonna make money at, is messing with stuff that's already been got at by next door's second cousin's grandad, who used to mend radar in the war. Get wise and turn that stuff away, and put the time to better use ...


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Hi Rono,You need to know time have change.What i can share my opinion if you are working as a freelance. Industry repair: company will rather let the agent handle due to strong backup in case mess up the job.futher more most of the electronic component like IC are custom made for them, no way you can buy from other than the agent. Home applicances: Do you know china is the world factory? an AA size battery coat only US$0.03 per pc.( ex-factory).a mini radio with auto scan at US$0.25.& a remote toy car come with charger cost US$1.00 only and they use SMT to make toy, they make motobike costing by weigh per Kg per $. & some more.....So do you think you want to repair them.hence no repair job. But trust me ,the day will come , china will become a sick man in asia cause no proper dispose of industry waste,that is one of the reason why their product's are so cheap. Best Regards

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