RCA part wanted.

I'm looking for a no longer available part for an RCA 52" rear projection TV, Model # D52W19BYX1 Chassis # ITC 222. Location # CL031 on part # 264102 P/S Deflection PWB, .0087 uf @ 2000 vdc. Globalsemi, Tritronicsinc, & Vancebaldwin show NLA. Where can I get one? It had a bad connection, & burnt a hole in the board. I repaired the board, but need a good capacitor. I can't locate a substitute. Thanks, Dani.

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Put 2 together that will get you within 2 - 3 percent of the value... Done it many times... kip

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Have you tried Excel ?


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.I come up with Part# 259321 It is still on RCA price list at $2.00 Try Union Electronic Dist. beecher Ill If you need email address please let me know Charles snipped-for-privacy@corrwireless.net

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