RCA 257805 flyback generic questions

I ordered to try a replacement Flyback for rca 257805 flyback out of a

36" TV. I did not expect a after market flyback to be identical. BUT, there is a lug under the focus pack assembly which is NOT on the after market unit. There seems to be a wire there on the aftermarkt flyback, but it does not poke down and i would have to solder a lug on to it to use it. anyone use one of these aftermarket flybacks and know if the lead is needed? The one i am trying to use is a HR8934 from MCM. Th;is lead is under the focus pack and is NOT part of the circle of wires that poke to the PC board

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bob urz
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Diemen usually connect the tab under the focus scrn pack internally to a corresponding pin - see here pin No. 7

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the wire you ask about I can only guess is for the screen.

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Could it just be a ground lead that is supposed to touch the chassis when the transformer is mounted to the chassis??

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