question about my laser disc player which went dead

last night, the electricity went out. when the power came back on almost immediately, some electronics refuse to turn on. even with electricity in the outlets, the computer and dvd player took awhile to turn on again. i thought they were dead for good but thank god they eventually worked again.

but the laser disc player still refuses to turn on. is it because a fuse went dead when the electrity went out? or, was there a power surge? is there something i can replace in the player to make it work again?

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Is there any signs of life at all, such as a standby light, or is it apparently totally dead ? If so, and it uses a switch mode power supply, then if the internal power fuse has failed, there is a good chance that the supply has suffered some fairly major damage, such as a fried switching FET or IC. If it's dead, and the fuse is ok, then it's probably either the startup resistor(s) or a bad electrolytic on the primary side. Either way, unless you are experienced with switch mode PS repairs, I would not recommend that you dive in there, as they are potentially very dangerous in terms of serious shock hazard.


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You need to let us know the model number of the LD player


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For the firt check, make and model don't matter. Open it up and check the AC fuse. If it is blown check components further down the line such as diodes and caps for shorts. If you find no obvious shorts, replace the fuse with the same rating. All may be OK. If you don't know how to do this first step you may need to bring your unit to someone qualified in electronic repairs.

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