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One of my favourite CD's[Gerry Rafferty] was scratched.I burned it on to my computer and the new disc worked well playing on the computer through Windows Media File player. Loaded it on to my workshop CD player and it would not play,same happened with another CD player kept as spare,no go, showing error. Took it home loaded it in my DVD player and it worked perfectly. The writable disc is a CD-RW80 High speed 4-12x. got to be a reason but I'm not clued up on CD recorders.Cheers

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Magneto-optical discs have a lower reflectivity than pressed discs. It is not unusual at all for many older CD players to have difficulty reading these discs. When CD burners in computers were first around, and everyone discovered ' free ' download sites, I used to see loads of players claiming to " Not read some CDs ". It almost invariably turned out that the ones it wouldn't read were unbranded spindle-pack home burns. Many later hi fi's then claimed to be CD-R compatible, with slightly better designed decoder and servo electronics that could cope with higher data error rates. You should also make sure that you are definitely burning in the correct CD format. DVD players will often play just about any format disc that you throw at them, whereas CD players, won't. Other than this, try a different brand of disc with a different dye colour.


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Arfa Daily

Some CD players from just before the days of recordable CDs won't play them. Funnily, the earliest CD players often will. The reflective coating is different on a home burn CD to a commercial one.

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Dave Plowman (News)

I noticed that OP uses re_writable cd's. I found those to be much weaker than CD-R , so I would advise to use CD-R.

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Sjouke Burry

I missed that part, yes most CD players will not play re-writable discs, most will however play standard CD-R discs, though sometimes it helps to burn them at a lower speed than the max of the drive.

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James Sweet

Hi Seafarer...

A cd that will play on your computer but not on your domestic entertainment machines could be caused a couple of ways...

You must record it "track at once"; not disk at once.

And it absolutely must be recorded with the "finalize disk" option selected. (not finalize session which is a whole different thing)

Take care.


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Ken Weitzel

That is because CD-R are still within the red book standard where as rewritables are not. The reflectivity of rewritables is much lower, and the AGC circuit of the CD player must be designed for rewritables to be able to cope with these discs (see also the orange book standard). I doubt burning them at another speed will make much of a difference.

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Peter van Merkerk

Thanks for all the informative replies,got the answer I needed.thanks again.Regards

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Hi Once again thanks for the replies,cracked it,as suggested,by recording on to a CD-R80 disc not the re-writable DC-RW. It worked fine except it only went to 10 tracks,missing out the last two saying that the user had aborted.I'll find out why eventually but i can live with that.thanks again

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