Pioneer PDP-433MXE Power Supply fault

I am attempting to repair the Power Supply Unit ( board number PCB2310 A06-12196B MDK79V-0) fitted to a Pioneer plasma panel PDP-433MXE (similar to a PDP-503MXE). I have found most of the faulty components, caused by the failure of Q127, and its source resistor, but I don't know what caused Q127 to fail in the first place. I have traced out part of the circuit (schematic) and have tested all of the likely items.

I am unable to find a service manual on the web which contains a circuit diagram, but I have found some references to this fault on a Russian website, only problem is I don't read Russian ! Even so this has been usefull in identifying some of the failed components.

Does anyone out there have a circuit / schematic for the power supply which I can have, or does anyone know what causes this fault?

Any help would be most appreciated.



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Ian French
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Did you find all the fixes to bring this plasma back to life?

My PDP-433MXE just went pop when I tried to bring it out of standby

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Please. Would you googlegroopers please take note of the _date_ of the postings you are (futily) following up to.

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