Phillips TV - screen scratches

Got a large widescreen Phillips CRT type TV that has got some small scratches on the screen...

It looks as if the actual TV screen has got a very soft outer covering layer or something. Consequently, it looks its been marked every so slightly in loads of places...

Any idea how I could get these scratches out or anything ?

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You cannot take out the scratches without damaging the anti-glare surface. There are a number of methods used for fusing this coating to the front glass. If you try polishing the screen, you will remove the coating, and thus damage the rest of the CRT surface.

The coatings on most of the CRT's and LCD panels, are damaged from not properly cleaning, and people touching them with their fingers. Once damaged, the surfaces are not repairable.

The solution is to change the CRT, but this is not going to be practical even if you can find a new CRT.

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Dirty trick is to fil them with silicone grease or another substance with the same refractive index. It effectively renders them invisible


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