Phillips Tv repair 28pw6006

Hi there I have a Phillips 28pw6006 /05, with a L01.1E board in . and its got a psu fault i was informed it may be a faulty cap, it just keeps switching its self off every couple of seconds sometimes after firing up the audio comes on but the screen dosent.

so having took the back off i found a green ceramic disc capacitor board marked 9505, and the barkings of 9R0 on it , its about the size of a new 5p piece and a little thicker .

does anyone know what value this is , and what voltage t may be?

i susepect it as 9pf , but dont have a clue of the voltage lots of the electrolytics in the tv set range from 16v to 250v but like i said this is a ceramic cap ..

any thought would be great

de paul

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runcorn_rat ha escrito:

how do you know that this is the cap at fault? Sounds like guesswork to me. have you checked the sodering in the ps and line stages? this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem, if this set has the infamous 'painter chip ' (the microprocessor)


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hi there Chaps thanks for the quick reply

more information , on furhter inspections, the silk screen printing always shows a symbol for a capacitor where a cap goes , but where this component goes it just shows 5 tiny squares although it looks like a ceramic cap .. it now seems it may not be . a picture of the faulty component can be seen on the following link

formatting link

and the reason i suspect its gone, it there was a large crack across the width of it , and when touched half of it fell off.

the faulty component is located near the front right hand side of the board looking from the back and is very close to the on-board fuse.and very close to a red connector and one leg of this faulty component appears to connect to the deguasuing coil around the tube,

hope this explained a bit more .. Oh yes ps i have changed a majority of the electrolytics on the PSU..

like i said the symptons are the tv can be turned on , and it stays on for about 3 -5 seconds than turn off again . it some time can be turned back on , other times the screen dosent come on only the sound so sound to me like something to do with te voltage to the screen ??

de Paul

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