Panasonic HD620 fault - slowly playing


In Dec 2001 I was helped by this group to fix a Panasonic HD600 with a split worm gear on a loading motor. I've now fixed two HD600s with identical faults, one with a replacement motor, one with superglue. Both still going.

Now I'm trying to fix my HD620 (the HD600 is back in full time service!). The tape would not load or unload. On close inspection, the loading arm which wraps the tape around the heads had two teeth sheered off. This part was replaced and machine carefully reassembled checking for correct timing. The loading etc then worked correctly, however now does not "lock" or sync in play. Won't stop when stop is hit either -- tape keeps slowly crawling ahead.

My parents in-law then passed me their broken HD620mk2. Tape also jammed half loaded. Also had broken teeth on the loading arm. Swapped the loading arm across, and then had identical behaviour -- not quite fixed.

What have I missed? Is something else still broken? Mode sw?

I'm most grateful to all replies, direct to my email please. I'll post a summary.

Many thanks, Geoff.

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Geoff Walker
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sounds like a timing/mode sw problem. can you remove the tape Ok? I would start by checking the mode switch


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OK, so would you say the mode sw went bad, and that meant the loading motor went beyond limits, forcing and breaking the gear teeth? That is what I'm wondering?

I don't think it responds to eject. I can't remember. I'll have to try and let you know. I was hoping someone would just jump in and say "yes that's fault XXX" 8-).

Sounds painful .... Any easy way? Will I need to bring it to a CRO here at work?

Thanks Geoff.

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Geoff Walker

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