Panasonic CQ-C1300U weird problem

I have a Pioneer CQ-C1300U car CD player / FM receiver. For two years it has worked well.

I recently moved it to another vehicle. Now I find that when I play the radio, it works fine. All four speakers work, and the balance and fader controls work fine. However, when I play a CD, I get sound from only one speaker (the left front). If I move the balance control to the right, or the fader to the rear, the sound almost totally disappears.

I am utterly mystified by this. There seem to be two choices - either I wired it wrong, or I broke it during the move to the new vehicle. But I can't even imagine what wiring error, or what internal circuitry problem, could cause these symptoms.

Help, help !!


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Sherman Oraas
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JR North

Thanks, but I found the problem. Apparently there is an external amp in my vehicle. I connected the antenna power line from the CD player to what I thought was the antenna power line in the vehicle. But the truck has no power antenna, and apparently that line turned on the external power amp. So whenever the radio was on, and the player thought the power antenna should be up, it applied power to that line. Which turned on the external amp, and then everything worked. But the CD player does not need the antenna, so it turned it off.

I fixed it by rewiring it so that the remote amp power line from the CD player was used. Then everything worked.

The only mystery left is, why did any speakers work when a CD was being played? With the external amp off, there should be no sound. That mystery will have to remain unresolved, I think. It works now, so I will leave it alone.


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