Palm E2 dead - schematics, advices?


My Palm E2 won't power up. I'm planning to open it up tomorrow. Anyone have schematics, or advices on how to troubleshoot it?

Regards, Carl

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The manufacture of the Palm does not sell schematics, sell any service parts, or give any service information. When they are defective and under warranty, they change the circuit board completely. The only fix they will do is upgrade the BIOS, or fix a loose connection, or change simple parts.

The circuit boards in these devices use a lot of inbeded technology, are in multi-layer construction, and use very high desity surface mount device assembly. The inbeded technology is where they have components that are enbeded in to the circuit board, and where they also have components between the layers.

The only thing you can do is to make sure that all the visible connections are in place, and that the battery contacts are intact. Take a visual look for any cold solder connections espeicaly around connectors and button switches. If you do any soldering on the board, take care that you use the right procedures and the proper soldering tools to not damage the board, or damage any components on it.

Jerry G.

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