PAL Famicom on NTSC TV. nintendo disk system

I was looking at buying nintendo famicom with the disk system, but it is the PAL version from Hong Kong. I was wondering if there is some way to use this on a NTSC tv. It doesn't have composite outputs but there is someone who is selling them modded with composite output. Does anyone know how to get the composite output?

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I believe the composite output will also be PAL. You can change the hardware over to NTSC but then none of the games will work right because they depend heavily on the video timing in order to display things in the right place (not sure about the fami but this is the case with most 8-bit systems.)

You should be able to pick up a cheap multi-system tv or vcr, or even a PAL tv, from some auction site.

You could get a picture on a video grabber for a PC but the delay will be so awful it'll be impossible to play anything.

I could be wrong; I'm sure someone will point it out if I am.

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Mike Berger

That's interesting as it comes up as a question often on UK groups. For many years, UK VHS machines and TVs will replay NTSC tapes via a number of 'cludges' but of course don't allow that tape to be copied. For that you need a standards convertor. But most say the reverse isn't the case in the US - NTSC equipment can't play PAL tapes.

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