packard bell laptop no display

Hi all.

This laptop has no lcd output at all, or VGA, yet it seems to run fine (you can connect to it over a network so its obviously running)

I changed an apparently not oscillating 24.576 MHz crystal on the mainboard that seems to serve the Firewire port, and this briefly brought back the VGA output, however on the next restart it failed again. My guess is some sort of reset issue, either the graphics chip is not being initialised or some other anomaly is present in its clock or power system.

Has anyone else seen this symptom? its a packard bell ipower 5000 series.

I also confirmed that all of the DC supplies appear to be present and within spec, changed an apparently leaky schottky diode on one of the power outputs (3.3V?)

Regards, -A

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Schottky diodes appear leaky when they're perfectly OK - if you put an ordinary silicon diode in its place it will overheat and the ripple current will destroy the smoothing cap!

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