Need help for my project

Sir i am trying a project in welding by using microwave oven. I have some technical information about microwave oven. Can u contact me through this mail or by my mobile number 9489242371 ...just text me

Waiting for your replay..

Thank you sir

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No. Did you have a question or point to make?

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What kind of welding are you planing on doing?

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Tom Biasi

Whereas welding with a microwave is possible, the results will neither be u niform nor reliable unless a 'puddle' is the desired result. Microwaves len d themselves much more towards smelting and alloying of various metals.

Under normal conditions - that is, unless very specific conditions are deve loped deliberately - a microwave will not create X-rays as the energy level s are simply too low. But that is not to suggest that large amounts of meta l in a microwave will not do serious damage to the device itself, or possib ly send molten splatter far and wide. Put something solid between you and t he unit when you are doing your experiments.

Peter Wieck Melrose Park, PA

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Are you trying to use the oven or just the power transformer for welding?

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It works fairly well as a spot welder when you remove the high voltage secondary and replace it with 6 turns of #6 AWG wire.

The key is having a settable and repeatable timing pulse to turn the primary on and off. And the proper tips attached to the wire for spot welding.

I have in the shop I put together a couple of years ago.

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Fox's Mercantile

That's the transformer. There's plenty of information about using a micro's power transformer for DIY welding. But the OP said "by using microwave oven".

Maybe he meant the transformer. That's why I asked in another post. Let's see if he comes back with a clarification.

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