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I have two Regent Motion sensor lights outside. Last night the electricity went out for about 3 seconds. Both lights came on and stayed on all night. One of them went off when the sun came up. Then other one is still on. Anyone know hoe to reset this light. It has a sensitivity knob and a switch that says test, 4 min, 12 min on the back. I do not have a switch for the lights they are wired direct. Any ideas?

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Some of these lights are designed with a "keep the light on" feature that is activated by ... turning off the power just for a few seconds. You should be able to return it to normal operation by just switching it off for, say, 30 seconds or so and then turning it back on.

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Rich Webb

I don't know about that Make but my older Zenith lights require you to turn off the power to the fixture for ten seconds, then on again, to reset the circuit. You'd probably have to turn off the breaker to do that. The 4 and 12 minute switch indicates how long the light stays on when motion-triggered after dark. Set the sensitivity for the distance of the object (a person, not your dog) you want to sense. Lastly, the fixture has to be physically aimed to eliminate false triggering.


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Ray Carlsen

I've had the same problem intermittently. Gotta pull the plug to reset 'em. That's what circuit breakers are for.

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Most of these consumer-type outdoor sensor lights seem to have this behavior in common:

- Switch them off for a few seconds and turn them back on, and they light up and stay lit indefinitely.

- Switch them off for 10-20 seconds and then on again, and they'll (usually) light up briefly, and then switch off and go back to motion-sensing. This seems to be a designed-in feature - a "manual override" to allow the motion-sensing feature to be temporarily disabled and turn them into ordinary manually-controlled lights.

Hence, wiring them into a circuit without some form of manual switch isn't the best idea in the world.

Switching the light to "test" briefly, and then back to the 4- or

12-minute position, may very well reset them, just as turning the power off would do.
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Dave Platt

dvrslim wrote

Turn them off by pulling the breaker/fuse in the main distribution box.

Wait for a minute or so, some of them have a decent sized cap in them that can take a bit of time to discharge.

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Rod Speed

Have you tried simply opening the breaker that feeds them for a few minutes?

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William Sommerwerck

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