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does anyone know how to open the case of an m-audio microtrack 24/96? I'd rather seek advice from someone who's done it than start damaging my microtrack by experimenting. It looks tricky. Thanks for any help. (ps: I want to try and change the battery myself)

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It's a huge pain. I've been working on it all day so far and I may have broken my microphone input and junked my machine. If you want to do it anyways, you need to pry off the back with a thin flat-head screwdriver. There are 4 clips on each corner and several clips on the side. The battery is stuck to the back board with double-sided tape. The back board is then held on with two screws and is very tightly wedged in against the front board CF slot such that you kind of have to wedge it out and stress the input ports. The battery then needs to be soldered to the front board, and then you need to get the back board back on. I've been also trying to replace a broken front board, so maybe you'll have more luck than I, but this is definitely not really designed to be opened for repair access. I suspect they probably make a shortcut and use the old battery's leads so they dont even have to remove the back board. Now that I think of it, that would be a clever workaround that would make it a doable job, though you will likely make your case a bit ugly while prying it open.

Wish me luck getting my microphone input working again. :P

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You might want to check out the case opening kits that are now sold for use on iPods . They have some specialied little tools to pry open those cases. iPods also require prying (or "prizing" as they say in the UK) the case open to replace the battery.

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Richard Crowley

Over the weekend I was in the local Lowes, and picked up the EverReady mini-USB battery pack/charger for under $20. I've tested it out, and my Microtrack I boots and runs with it, just fine. One of these days I'll run the built-in battery down, and see how long it runs on two AA cells.

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Arny Krueger

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