Mac G4 Powerbook help please

Could anyone offer any guidance with a faulty Mac G4 Titanium laptop please:-

Normally no boot up or display but will very occasionally boot up and says" cache memory faulty", will then load up the desktop but freezes to death!!

Is this cache part of the CPU or a non replacable chip on the motherboard? Is there any form of diagnosis available other than board swapping? Yes, this is the first Mac I have ever seen!! Any help would be greatly appreciated as all repair options seem to be totally uneconomic. Regards, R G Green,

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R G Green
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Try posting in one of the mac groups. Maybe comp.sys.msc.hardware.


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Isaac Wingfield

Thanks all, I tried a newsgroup search for "mac" but didn't think to add "comp" to it!!! REgards, BOb Green.




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R G Green

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