is it safe to

plug in a TV to the cable box and use the cable box to control current to the TV?

I know is probably there for older TVS but what about newer TVs with more complex circuitry?

Could I possibly damage anything within the TV but suddenly cutting off the electricity with the cable box?

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Erich J. Schultheis
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TVs and all AC powered electronics needs to be able to survive power outages and/or anything that suddenly shuts the power off.

my TV (an older model) loses its channel memory every time it loses power.

most newer TVs come with a little R/C box that pretty handy for on/off control when it isn't lost under the couch.

some older TVs kept the tube warm even when shut off so it would come on faster. this required power to be present.

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"TimPerry" wrote in news:

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Some TVs don't turn back on after a power outage. You must turn them on manually.



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LCD TV's have fans that run 2-3 minuets after the TV is shut off to cool the lamp. Failure to do this will reduce the lifespan of the lamp.

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I think it saves wear and tear on the SMPS, and adds convinience if the set turns on when plugged in, like a sony that's been unplugged when on. If you need to press the power button after plugging in, then it's just an extra step.

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Jumpster Jiver

Most TV's actually, the only exception I know of offhand is Sony. The rest, no damage will be done, but when you reapply power the set will be off and usually will have forgotten some of it's settings.

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James Sweet

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