How to transfer files from phone to computer?

After plugging my phone USB into computer, and changing settings to transfer files from phone to computer, instead of charging, there doesn't seem to be a way to get my file managers on either one to see the other, and initiate a transfer.

Can someone tell me how to do this?

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George Fields
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You might have to configure/enable it in your phone settings. Look for USB or access settings. Thats all I can see in my magic globe. Something about your computer and phone might have been useful for a better answer.

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Sjouke Burry

Once you connect your phone you will have to OK the dialog box asking if you want to connect.

If you get no indication of connection then your USB port or cord may be defective.

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Per George Fields:

If your phone is Android and your computer runs Windows 7, what I do might work for you:

- Open up MyComputer, right-click the drive you want to transfer to and choose Share With | Advanced sharing | Advanced Sharing and check the "Share this folder" box.

- Still in the "Share this folder" tab, Click "Add, and specify a name that makes sense to you.

- Click "Permissions", select "Everyone" and check Allow | Full Control That will allow access to that drive across your LAN/WiFi.

- Greater Minds Than Mine will chime in on the niceties of different permissions and subfolders, but that's the simple version.

- On your Android device, install the X-Plore file manager.

- Under the LAN heading, click "+ Add Server" and enter whatever makes sense to you under "Label" and then enter either the pc's name as it appears on the LAN or it's IP address under "Server:"... then fill in your Windows login name/PW under Username:" and "Password:"

- With all that in place, you should be able to bring up that drive on your PC by clicking the LAN entry in X-Plore's list.

- Note that X-Plore has a split screen: so you can bring up two file locations simultaneously.

- In the lefthand split, navigate to LAN | (your PC) | (the drive you shared).

- In the righthand split, navigate to the files you want to transfer, select them, and click either "Copy" or "Move" and.... Bingo!...

Of course, this is all happening over your WiFi connection: no USB cable needed.

It may sound convoluted upon reading, but once you get it set up, a given file transfer is dead simple, quick, and easy - especially if you go the extra mile and add a LAN entry that points directly to the folder you usually transfer to instead of just the PC.

The biggest hassle for me is Android apps in general being really weak in telling the user where files are. Typically they say "Downloaded" and leave it on the user to figure out where the file was downloaded to.

X-Plore's UI is not what I would call intuitive - but once you get the hang of it, it's really quick and easy to use.

Pete Cresswell
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As soon as the's crack mind-reading team reveals the make,model and software of your phone, and the operating system on your computer, someone will get back to you with some knowledge-based answers.

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Hi George,

One of my Windows-tools I don't want to mis under linux: MyPhoneExplorer:

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OK, iIt's german (like me ;-), but great ;-)

I love these people that made wine.


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Marte Schwarz

If you have a flip phone (not a "smartphone), good luck. It dont seem to be possible. I just have a flip phone. If I enable bluetooth, and put a bluetooth adaptor in my XP computer. I can save my contact list to my computer, but not save any pictures or sound files. I took the phone to a "phone store", and offerred to pay them to save soem pictures to a flash drive. They said it's not possible.

If however you have a smartphone with a mini SD card inside. Just pull that mini SD card out, stick it into an adaptor that makes it the size of a standard SD card, and plug that into one of them SD card readers that plug into your USB. Then just copy the files to your computer the same way you would copy them from any source.

I learned this from a 17 year old neighbor boy. He dont have a computer, but has that phone with lots of music and some videos and photos. He said he learned how to do it from another kid, but since he has no computer, he could not do it. I have all the adaptors, so I told him to bring it over. I connected it to my XP laptop computer and that mini SD card appeared as if it was a flash drive. I copied the whole card to my harddrive, then copied it over to his flash drive, so he had a backup of all his stuff. He told me to keep his music if I wanted it. (which I did), and then I copied some of my music ot his card, and he could play it in his phone when he put his card back in the phone. I think his phone is Android based, but I am not 100% sure of that. (I dont know much about smartphones).

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The phone is an Android 5.0.1. The computer runs Linux mint and Knoppix.

It must have been a hardware problem. Yesterday the hard drives stopped working, memory was showing wrong on how much is in computer, the processor was showing way off from what it actually is.

After taking the computer completely apart, cleaning and re-installing all the hardware, data transfer between phone and computer works like a charm.

Thanks to all for your help.

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George Fields

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