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I am studying the T.V systems for different regions for the DVD Recorders I am working on. The regions are Asia Pacific, LATAM, NAFTA and Europe. I found a document explaining about the systems at

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I came to realize that there are monochrome standards are assigned a letter designation (A-M) in combination with color systems. (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) And the product I am working has tuners for systems described as: PAL B/G, PAL D/K, SECAM L/L', PAL I. At the same time some documents sometimes describe again: B/G, I, L/L', D/K whithout color system designations for the same product. After studying the table provided by wikipedia and the reference documents, I wonder what systems they really are using for the regions APAC, LATAM and Europe. Is there any NTSC B/G or NTSC I ? Aganin it describes for LATAM there are only systems M and N. Can anybody explain to me about it clearly?

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Homer J Simpson

Sorry for my ignorance but I need some specific information.

I found several sites but still they are not explaining the things I do not understand.

More over I need initiatives as a beginner in professional field.

Googling and reading books as a student while I was in my country, Myanmar, I got a lot of knowledge background but whenever I met with the real situation, I forgot everything!

I remember a certain experience of reading a book of Assembly Programming for five months and Testing Practically with a computer and facing with failures and problems before my graduation. When the lecturer came and began his first lecture in Assembly program after my five months of struggle, I found my first assemgly programm assembled fine and ran on my computer.

That is why sometimes I asked silly questions in the forum.

All I need is a good initiative and some personnel gudience from those who already have experience!


Homer J Simps>

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