Have you ever put a can of baked beans in the microwave?

and turned on the microwave?

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I would think the metal can will simply reflect the microwaves, having no effect on the beans.

Fluorescent bulbs work very well. As a gag, I told my wife I developed a new method of making "cold fusion" work. I put an ordinary rock in a green plastic pasta strainer. After uttering some techno babble I pressed the button. The room lite up with a bright green glow pouring out of the oven. My wife fled the building and didn't speak to me for days. She didn't see the round 40W "circle-line" bulb resting inside the pasta strainer.

If you keep the time short, you won't blow the bulb. More than a few seconds, things become unpredictable. Hint: You should keep a small cup of water in the oven to give the waves somewhere to go. I'm a firm believer of not running my oven "dry". So far, no damage 25 years after learning this tip.

Dennis H. snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com

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Is that the same microwave? Thats one of the first things their suppose to tell you. When I put together a Heath-Kit oven in 1970, those type of things were inportant, especially for a $400 microwave kit! That makes me a 35 year microwave user. Actually my friend had one several years before.

Ho Ho's used to make a nice spectical.


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"distar97" bravely wrote to "All" (22 Dec 05 08:37:12) --- on the heady topic of "Re: .....baked beans in the microwave? Try fluorescents"

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di> I would think the metal can will simply reflect the microwaves, having di> no effect on the beans. [...]

I think the metal can would concentrate the RF energy on its surface and discharge it as a high voltage at its sharp edges.


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