Crossposts and Off Topic Subjects

Lately there have been some posts crossposted to kook/fanatic groups, and individuals here that are posting crap based upon their political or religios agendas.

Please don't reply to these fanatics.. that's exactly what they crave.

Don't give them any indication that they have an audience here.

You might think it's your responsibility/duty etc, to point out they are wrong/misguided etc, but it won't help.

You might think you can post some clever response that will silence them, but you'd be wrong.

I've watched this happen in other newsgroups, and one in particular where fanatical political zealots have essentially destroyed the group.. it drives away the good, well-intentioned participants and drags in more fanatics with more crosspostings.

Not reacting to their inciting/provoking posts is the best reaction. Once you respond, they keep coming back.

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"Lately ..." ??????? "... some ..." ??????

Did you just recently arrive from one of the outer planets?

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