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I have a problem with my Canon Canoscan LiDE 20 scanner... while scanning just god dead and nothin happened... tried reinstalling drivers and plugging in different usb ports but none worked.. so, I will open it to see if smthg burned in it.. do u have any idea or exact suggestion where/what to look or?




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If your Canon is like my Canon, I would release the lock on the bottom of the device :-)

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Gerard Bok
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Gerard Bok

Buy a new one! Sorry to be blunt, but scanners are often cheap to buy and built with with non-serviceable electronics like custom ICs etc. Unless this is a high-end professional scanner, I'd start looking for a new one.

If you're handy at electronics, then by all means do some basic testing/troubleshooting inside, you may get lucky and find something easy to fix.

I'd check the ribbon cable to the scan head first, they can go open circuit for obvious reasons.


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Dave D

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