Replacing laptop battery with car battery.

As per subject, I basically want to set up a laptop so it powers directly off the car battery. These are old laptops, not some new models that I can go buy adapters etc. Budget is minimal, very minimal.

Previous attempts to just add 12V to + & - terms on laptop battery have not been successful. Obviously that string of pads between the + & - are significant. Opened old IBM & a Toshiba battery packs and found that each have circuitry.

So, easy way, I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on what they do? I wonder if there is a standard anywhere.

Otherwise, it is back to the drawing board and circuit tracing.


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I'd find an old inverter, many are tossed due to bad batteries but are otherwise in good order. Replace the batteries with a lead to your auto battery, not through the lighter socket as the fuse might blow.

Do include an appropriate fuse however and be aware that you can easily run down the auto battery.

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Lord Garth

Do you mean UPS? I already have inverters, which are generally smaller.

Using a UPS just gives me 240V to use their adapter to bring it back down to 12V ofthe batterys. Inefficent and bulky.

This would be off a second battery anyway. It might also be possible to auto shut down the laptops when battery voltage fell to a certain level.

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