Camcorder Vertical Scroll - Sony TR81

Have a Sony TR81 H8 Camcorder which when I record it plays back with vertical scroll throughout the video. Is there an adjustment for something like this?

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Al Franz
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First it should receive a thorough proper cleaning. Then the alignment and tightness of the guide posts should be checked and adjusted if necessary. It's common for the guide posts to loosen, fall out of adjustment, and then the tapes are recorded at various different levels of misalignment. Often, the recordings can't be salvaged.

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Jumpster Jiver

Is it possible for anyone to provide instructions on tightening the guide posts?

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These are relatively precise adjustments. The alignment may indeed be off a bit, or one of the guides might be broken or not loading correctly - but simply "tightening" them down will make the situation worse, not better.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

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