anyone tried these HV power supplies?

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Seem like they might be pretty robust for various applications, just  
wondering if anyone has tried one?  There are other venders with them on  
eBay at even cheaper prices.

another vintage HV device challenge: LARGE plasma balls!
Ok, my previous post concerned the outlandish prices for some neat  
looking HV devices originally from the late 90's: Luminglas discs.  I  
was successful finding several, and at good prices comparable to what I  
would have paid in 2000 for some nice used ones.  However.....

I have been on a new quest to try and find a large plasma ball.  True,  
they are all over the Internet, but the most common sizes seem to be 8"  
diameter or less and I am looking for 12" diameter or more!  However,  
the price seems to increase maybe as much as 20 fold going from 8 to 12  
inch size!  I see some on eBay in 12" size for just under $200, but I'm  
hoping to do better.  Problem with the used ones I see is that the  
sellers don't specify globe size and 99% most definitely are 8" or less  

Suggestions would be welcome.  One thing I tried googling for was some  
sort of a history on plasma globes with maybe larger ones from the past  
mentioned.  Other than Spencer's 12" Megavolt, that's all I could come  
up with (and, incidentally, the person wants more for the Megavolt than  
a new 12" one!).

Thank you.

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