PowerBase NiMH 'AA' battieries

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Just wondering if anyone had tried these batteries before and if they were
any good? Rockby has them for $7.00 for pack of 4. Cat No. 36535. Seems like
a bargain but have had shitty battieries in the past that I thought seemed
like a bargain too.


Re: PowerBase NiMH 'AA' battieries

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    Way back in early 2003, I bought a digital camera and a set of four
PowerBase 2AH AA cells. Well over 4 years later, they're still working
though with pretty reduced discharge capacity during the last year or so.
    In that time, Sanyo 2.1AH and Energizer 2.5AH cells have come and
gone, but the old PowerBase cells are still valiantly hanging in there.
    I've got no idea of whether the later PowerBase cells are as good as
the old ones, but I might get a set of the Rockby ones out of curiosity.


Re: PowerBase NiMH 'AA' battieries

    For everyone's info, Rockby's current Madness sale which includes
those cells and ends on about Monday arvo can be seen at:



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