Anyone here work on Kicker car amps ?


This kicker amp (ZR600) is driving me nuts !

It came in with a "hissing" sound coming right from the pc board and it was drawing a few amps just idling.

What appears to be happening is some kind of open ground problem near the input/preamp which is creating a high amplitude "hum" overdriving the output stage into overheating. I have been checking RCA grounds, open resistors, pcboard cracks. Seems like I'm going round and round with this.

I'm guessing that the hiss is from the power supply trying to squat out the power of the output pushing a 60 or 30 hz signal at full bore !(the hiss actually appears to originate at the toriod.

Lo and behold another Kicker amp (ZR1000) came in last week. Guess what ? Same problem !!

I hope someone can help !!!! Sparkey

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Unlikely since any repair under warranty requires that they be shipped back to Kicker for evaluation for replacement or repair. I tried a couple of years ago to get service information for one of thier most expensive car amps, no luck. They refused to sell or send a copy to me. Since it was out of warranty (and obsolete), they would not even take it in for repair evaluation either. Customer was simply out of luck.

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