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Hi, I have a pair of internally amplified Event TR8 monitors. One day, my left speaker had completely lost all of its amplification. I know that its power cable had a short in it that caused it to click on and off depending on the positioning of the cord. I believe this is the source of the problem and it was foolish of me to not replace the cord earlier. It seems to be a blown fuse or something. The green power light still comes on and the input trim still affects the sound but the amp is not functioning. I believe the manual states that the amplifier is still connected to the power mains even when the power is switched off so that would make sense because I think the problem happenned before I even turned the speaker on that day. The problem is that I can't get inside these things, I'm out of warranty, and the tech support at Event is rather poor. It seems the only way to get inside is to go through the big front speaker. Not only is this screwed in by

7 screws, but it also seems to be glued on. Event seems to really not want anyone to get inside but I can't even see how their techs could get inside. There are two screws in the center of the back which I also unscrewed only to find that something (the amp?) is now loose inside (oops). Any help would be greatly appreciated



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The speaker may not be glued. It may be in the case very tight because the screws were tight. Remove the seven screws and gently pry the speaaker out. Use a thin flat screwdriver and do it in an area you're not likely to notice if you scratch it. Then you can hopefully access the amp to service it. If you get that far, do some diagnostics and post back for help if needed.

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