What are popular new uC development kits?

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Why do I ask? Because Ive been away from microcontrollers for a few years
and just dont know what is current or popular these days.

My favorite architecture is the MCS-51

But to get up to speed, a person needs SW development tools, some hardware
to program the uC, and a proto board.

Are there kits that will do some schematic capture and simulation around the
uC, so that  a person could quickly throw a design out, test it, then get
circuit boards made?

Right now Ive got limited design tools, one from Intel thats machine code
level, a Keil C compiler eval CD, but must use wire wrap to build a proto
system, connect a logic analyzer, fill an eprom with machine code, and see
what happens.  There has to be a better way.

Re: What are popular new uC development kits?

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Can I ask why is the MCS-51 your favorite?
I'm trying to think of a project to do, to tinker with during lunch breaks.
What would you consider of doing w/ a 8052 and a 8255?
I have some 8255's & 8052's and I'm looking for Tiny Basic?
I can't decide if I want to use an BASIC interpreter or a C compiler.


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