question: the use of JTAG on ATMEL ATmega2560 cpu

I use a MCU card with ATMEGA2560 Microcontroller from
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Now I connected my JTAG programmer to this board, my jtag programmer is a E-lab
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I connected the TMS, TCK, /RESET, TDO, TDI, VCC and GND from the programmer to
the ATmega2560. I send +5Volt from the programmer to the CPU, the programmers is
JTAG enabled using the E-lab programmer software.
My problem is that the programmer does not find the CPU.
Even if I try the SPI bus, the programmer can not find the cpu.
I do not know if any other signals must be in special state in order to enable
the jtag.
For example, on a ATmega128, the PEN pin must be connected to VCC. Is there
Posting a schematic of a ATmega2560 with Jtag interface would help me.
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